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"Sub Search" is a Naval Warfare simulation game for 1-4 players.  Each Skipper commands a Destroyer in search of an elusive Submarine.  Destroyers receive Distance-Only information on the Sub.  After your turn, you will know that the Sub is 80 nautical miles away; but, you don't know, in which direction!  Keeping track of your moves, will guide your search pattern.  This requires some deductive reasoning and geometry skills on your part.

This is a game that challenges your mind, not your trigger finger.

The game works great for one person.  If you play with other people, you can compete against them, or... you might find it necessary to cooperate and work as a team!

Game Example:  On turn 5, your Destroyer was 60 miles from the Sub.  On turn 6, your ship is 75 miles from the Sub.  UH-OH!  Your ship must be going in the wrong direction!  But... between turns 5 and 6, you moved your Destroyer anywhere between 1 and 30 miles... while the Sub moved 10 miles.   Hmmmmmm....  This is not a Jump-Jump game.

Finding the Sub is only half the battle.  You must then figure-out, what depth the Sub is operating at.  If you have found the Sub (which means you are within 10 miles)... but you miss on the Depth Setting, the Sub will re-attack.

This game will NOT strengthen your trigger finger.

p.s.  This is a difficult game.  To avoid computer screen damage, a single player can play with more than one Destroyer.  Adds a whole new dimension to the game.


Sub Search.zip 27 MB

Install instructions

Download and Un-Pack the Zip file.  Execute the "Sub Search" file.

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